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My name is Greg “Gregor” Pratt. I am a former Ohio Super Lawyer. I retired after 40 years of general practice focused on litigation in the Cincinnati area. My first novel "Ebola Island"  was published in 2019 and has been well received, garnering 4.5 Stars on Amazon. I have recently published my second  novel, "Dragon's Eye". I think you'll like it!

I have always wanted to be a fiction writer and with the wind-down of the practice of law, found time over the last several years to write
. Now I have written two thrillers. One is about a pandemic and inept and corrupt government. The second is more of a spy/espionage thriller. Both novels also contain a love story.

I drew on my experience as a trial lawyer for the portions of  both novels, but law plays a minimal part in each novel.  Of course  I chose a lawyer as the hero.
As a  beginning author, I have been overwhelmed by the strong support I have received and the excellent reviews my work has garnered. 

My wife, Patty, and I split our time between a home in Ohio and a home in Florida. I  am now working on ideas for a sequel to "Dragon's Eye".

When not working as a novelist, I enjoy spending time with our children, grandchildren and great-grandchild, working in the yard, reading, wine, golf, and fishing, especially fly fishing.

Gregor Pratt Fishing in Sarasota Bay
Gregor Pratt fishing out west
A sunny day in Ohio
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